No doubt you already take steps to protect your automobile. But, a refresher never hurts. Here are a few simple steps for safeguarding your classic or collectible car.

Make your garage collector-car friendly. If you store your car in the garage that also houses your everyday cars, bicycles and more, take steps to limit and prevent damage. Partition off your collector car in a special section of the garage, and keep lawn tool, furniture, paint cans, etc. in another location. Install padding on walls and poles to prevent door dings. Make sure the garage door is in proper working order; springs can come loose and cause major damage. Be particularly careful with flammable materials and store them properly. Having a fire extinguisher does not hurt either.

Protect against theft. There are many ways you can deter crime. You should always keep your car in a garage or other secure storage facility. Be sure to install external lighting, and control vegetation and other obstacles that decrease visibility around the facility. Keep the car’s doors locked when in storage. Also, don’t keep your keys in the storage facility. Protect both the facility and your car with quality alarm systems.

Protect against accident and injury. Keep a safe distance between yourself and the car in front of you. Allow rude or impatient drivers to pass. Double check for oncoming traffic and other obstacles at intersections, and especially when backing up. Don’t drive when you are tired or under the influence. Buckle up!

Some things to remember if you are in an accident:


Call the police immediately, especially if someone is injured.
Exchange names, insurance details, and car registration numbers with the other party.
Do not admit liability, even if you are at fault. Contact us as soon as reasonably possible.
If there are any witnesses, get their names and phone numbers.

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